Leixin stoneGranite, also known as granite, is located deep in the earth and is formed by the metamorphism of limestone, carbonate or dolomite rocks that melt at very high temperatures and when cooled, they form granular granite structure. Almost all types of marble have a monolithic structure that is very hard and rough. – Marble, so to speak, was born when the earth was formed, a form of liquid magma that spewed out of the ground when it cooled to become durable and hard diamonds. Marble is igneous rock. Their structure is similar to lava, but their hardness and density are due to their strong compressive strength under high pressure underground. Over millions of years, geological influences have altered the Earth’s surface and pushed rock formations toward the surface. Basically, marble (granite) is one of the natural stones that is very durable and extremely weather resistant.When the weather is hot, black granite absorbs heat and is hotter than other stones. – Different proportions of magma give each type of granite its own color, texture and character, the minerals amphibole, magnetite, hematite, pyrite, zircon, garnet, corundum and other low-ratio minerals ,’ to create a unique texture and color for each type of granite. Each natural marble has its own characteristics, and some marbles are harder, spongier, or brighter than others. According to the purpose of use, people will design suitable for the space and the building.Marble is formed from groups of crystals that are bonded to each other without gaps between them. The tight union of crystals creates the unique characteristics of marble, so granite is easily identified in many types of rocks. Application of granite in life: Granite is an increasingly popular product in homes, companies and factories. The use of marble in the surfacing surfaces of stairs, steps, floor coverings, entrance halls, etc. emphasizes the elegance of the installation site. Paving stones are also widely used in projects such as apartment exterior walls, floor paving, kitchen countertops, etc. Natural paving stones have abrasion resistance, water resistance and impact resistance, so natural paving stones are the best choice for your home interior decoration. Granite is widely used in construction due to its hardness, luster and durability. Suitable for kitchen table façade, stair façade, steps, wall façade…. Lei XinshiLeixin stone